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Entre Pinces (Among clothespegs)

Just after having a shower he finds the guests in his dinning room. How come they came so early? The character is compelled to dress up in the most implausible way, on the clothesline and among the clothespegs!!


Geodesic tents


Performing Arts società con interesse principale di circo musicale

The Solfasirc troupe originated from the desire we, as artists, felt to unite our own, unique art disciplines in one show. We all come from the world of music and drama but we have come together to finally commit ourselves to the universe of Circus. Following the lead of Biel Roselló, the heart of the project, Solfasirc was created.

Our aim is to create a circus concert where tightrope walkers, acrobats and jugglers use musical instruments, fusing music and circus into one, so that you might wonder whether what we are doing is music or circus.

We are proud to present the first circus instrument; the bouncing drums played by a juggler!! Another one is the tightrope walker double bass, whose strings are used to walk on. If we keep on dreaming like this, we will see a giant harp played by a contortionist!

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing” G.B Shaw




Among clothespegs

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